Meet your new Email Marketing Platform

We’ve included a mighty Email Marketing & Email Automation Platform with our Helpmonks team collaboration tool for some time now. However, not everyone needs a shared inbox.

Sendmonks is our standalone Email Marketing & Email Automation Platform based on years of experience.

Sendmonks email drip campaigns

Advanced Email Automation

Sending follow-up emails, a series of emails based on the subscribers actions, or sending a personal email sequence, is straightforward with Sendmonks.

Lists, unlimited users, and more

Create lists with as many contacts as you want. Add your whole marketing team to Sendmonks. Use your domain for sending or use ours.

Email Templates for everyone

All our email templates have been used for thousands of email marketing campaigns. They have been battled tested with different email clients.

Landing pages included

Create individual landing pages for each subscriber list and make it completely yours. Besides, you can programmatically add subscribers, kick off your email drip campaigns, and more with the API.

Sendmonks - email templates

Coming soon

We are adding the final finish touches now. Subscribe to get notified when we start inviting people.

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