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Email Templates

Email design matters

Select a stunning email design from our email template gallery for your business needs. With our drag and drop editor, everyone can create beautiful campaign emails in real-time with the right call to action.

Choose or create

Select one of the pre-designed templates, personalize it, or bring your own. Whatever your design needs are, we got you covered.

email design builder

Drag and Drop email builder done right

Do it right from the start

Everyone knows how to send an email. However, when it comes to HTML email templates, there are so many dos and don'ts. That's why we added an email builder to Sendmonks that creates the correct style and syntax for you from the start.

An email builder that delivers

Use our simple drag and drop interface to create your email template in seconds. Add your design elements, social media share buttons, and images easily. Always know that the editor makes the correct syntax for every email client, whether for desktops or mobile devices.

Sendmonks - Email Builder
Sendmonks - Email Marketing List

Email lists

Not just any email list

The perfect subscriber list

With tags, you have a powerful tool at hand to automatically segment your subscribers and target the right people at the right time. However, the real deal is automated audience segmentation.

Email delivery guaranteed

Our mighty email verification service guarantees that your email delivery rate, and thus your trust rate for your email domain, doesn't get hurt by invalid email addresses. Deliver your email campaigns with confidence to any number of subscribers.

marketing automation

An all-in-one marketing tool

Increase your reach

While we cannot create an email marketing strategy with winning subject lines that will skyrocket your open rate, we are committed to helping you in any way we can. This starts by providing you with our email marketing services for free.

All plans include...

All our plans include sending an unlimited amount of email campaigns, using landing pages, and the automated emails, aka email sequences. You can start using Sendmonks immediately without the need for a free trial.

Sendmonks - Email Sequences made easy

Simplify your marketing efforts